We decided to appeal to a younger type of audience by using a more graphic and stylized approach. Our stickers are witty, comical, cute, and get the point across. In the advertising world you need something to catch the audience’s attention and I believe our stickers do just that. We wanted to show that feeding wild dolphins is a bad thing, while not being mean at the same time. So Rachel thought of putting a donut on a dolphin’s nose, which is funny and communicates the idea very well. The second sticker is about not touching wild dolphins and to leave at least fifty feet away. We thought of how people take up the whole beach and don’t leave any room for dolphins, so that’s how we came up with saying, “Leave room for the beach, too!” The last sticker deals with the fishing lines that hurts both birds and turtles. We made the sticker look a little bit like the x-ray of a turtle with a hook in it’s body. It isn’t that comical but we couldn’t think of any other way to portray it. By using complimentary colors it sticks out more and shows the harmful side of fishing lines.

Written and Created by:

Rachel Schwarting

Jillian Iuliucci


2 responses »

  1. Rosaleen Magnone says:

    I really love the second one. “Leave room for the beach, too!” is a very cleaver way to explain the 50ft rule without saying it in exact words. I think that images are really strong and that a young audience would completely understand.

  2. These are great! They definitely work as a series, with the most successful being the first in my opinion. The visual of the donut is super attention-grabbing and really gets the point across like you said!


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