Hybrid Vigor is a theory that describes the increased productivity and performance in crossbreeding dogs. Because there is a little mix in the gene pool when purebred dogs are bred, there are certain health issues that cannot be bred out due to their genetics. If you were to take a dog breed that has a history of blindness, and breed him with a dog that does not have that history, then you are diminishing the chances of the offspring becoming blind

There are many dogs that sit in shelters with the colors of a collie, the brains of a poodle, and the friendliness of a golden retriever that will be put down because they don’t meet the standards of their purebred cousins. Even though the genetics of a mixed breed dog can be unpredictable, odds are you will find a healthy loving companion at the same probability of buying a purebred.

Hybrids are not problem free. There are occasional issues in behavior, such as wolf/dog hybrids. Dogs like humans and wolfs don’t, thus creating an issue in personality and behavior. Dogs are all about accepting leadership and wolves are all about fighting for leadership because they’re used to pack-style living.

A breed isn’t a separate species, just specific traits and looks. I’ve had a purebred dogs before. In fact, I’ve had two. My family traveled far and wide to get said dogs. I was only 2 years old when my family decided to get out second purebred and they let me pick it out. I chose one that looked cute. That dog turned out to have numerous health complications right off that bat and ended up seriously sick for a good portion of its life. I’m not saying that my dog had complications because it was pure bred – I know that there are plenty of beautiful healthy pure bred dogs.

Many people however choose purebreds over mutts for social hierarchical reasons, and also many people are just purely misinformed. Purebreds are associated with wealth and social status. Mutts aren’t usually seen in the same light as purebred dogs. However, due to not being of a bloodline that was tainted by inbreeding, mutt dogs can be much more intelligent, healthy, and generally successful pets. However mutts can be of unpredictable temperament giving them a poor reputation. Any dog owner knows while, yes, you can just get landed with a rude dog, it is also common that it is you at fault.

So in other words there is no real difference between Mutts and Purebreds because there all good dogs. Its all in how you train and love that dog. All dogs are there to be your best friend and be there for you when you want them to be. But if you treat that dog like crap then its not going to want to help you and that is where the dogs go from being a great breed of dog to a terrible one. So your pure breeds and your mutts are all going to be different because of the way we raise them and people need to stop worrying about what type of dog they have and just raise it and love it the way it loves you.



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  1. laura wood says:

    I think its terrible that humans are taking breeding and “pureifying” the species. It’s like trying to keep all humans in their own race. Even for us, mixing cultures is actually good for offspring, making one characteristic combine with non similar attributes. Its what makes us diverse and unique! Dogs are especially diverse in size, color and personality. It is even worse to limit the attributes of such a loving species. If they are truely “man’s best friend” we are also their worst enemy.

  2. Patrick Bradford says:

    its disgusting to me that people actually care if they have a purebred or not, who is going to know if you lie and tell them it is or not? so dumb. i got to choose our dog when i was young and chose the quite cute one as well, it was a purebred poodle, and he had serious seizures his entire life. i didnt know at the time why he had them i just thought it was a sick dog but we found out later that the kennel we got him from was in breeding to keep the purebred name. so gross!

  3. Jillian :D says:

    Diversity is key! I too have a purebred dog at my parent’s house, a Jack Russell Terrier. She has allergies and since the age of 5 her eyes have developed cataracts. Over the years she has gotten worse and is now blind in one eye and almost blind in the other. She is now 12 years old. Nonetheless, because she is a purebred dog the veterinarian told us that she was more likely develop health issues earlier on in life. My dog is a trooper and still lives to this day. It saddens me to think someone would turn down a dog because it’s a mutt. It is so ignorant on the owners part to just leave a dog or kill it because it doesn’t fit in. Sound like genocide to anybody else? It’s not like the dog chose to be what it was born to be. Accept diversity and all of its good qualities because it will help later on in life.

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